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  1. Keith goguen September 14, 2016

    Missing you will never get easier as time goes on. You will never be forgotten my friend. We love you forever Matt Lippott

  2. Justin Wagner September 15, 2016

    This is kinda a duplicate from the group message but I will paraphrase hereā€¦ You would make fun of me and “bust my balls” like no other, but you were were the sweetest, totally selfless, and I owe A LOT to you. You were a roommate, naked sauna buddy, groomsman, and a best friend. We all are better for having been around you. I love you and miss you already.

    You can’t get a DUI on a Tuesday, Muppett.

  3. Ed Yakovich September 15, 2016

    When I first met Matt in 2001 I thought he was a rollerblader, ha. Little did I know he killed it riding bmx.
    Matt was a great dude and such a ball-buster in such a good way. Always made me laugh.
    Lots of good times over 15 years. Gonna miss you a lot man. See ya again someday.

  4. Justin Zucca September 15, 2016

    I met Matt in 2010 working at MRP. Over the years we became real close, probably because we were both idiots. I don’t have one favorite story to talk about but he was a big part of, not only my life, but my families. During the short time that I did know him, I got to see him finally grow up…(Even though it took him almost 40 years). Instead of going out and drinking like animals we started to sit at my house and he would hang out with my prego wife and just chill. He became a part of the family. To me he was a great friend, to my daughter an uncle, to my wife another brother…that would hit on her… it was weird but in an OK way. While he was in Australia he and Sacha would FaceTime us for hours to talk about nothing. They would want to see our kids, talk about the day to day bullshit that we all take for granted. They would also talk about all the cool ass places they were going while I was sitting in my living room in Philly. “Hey, what are you guys doing this week?” “Going to Fiji, you?”…….”Big plans to go Ikea so I can by a standup closet for my daughter” I was always so jealous, but always so happy for them. I’m glad he got to spend his last year on this planet with the love of his life. I’m glad they got to do amazing things in the short time he was here. He was the most cultured ball buster I ever knew. I’m glad we all got a chance to have this guy touch our lives…and maybe our privates…in the only way he knew possible. Aggressive and lots of love!!!!

  5. Lauren Wagner September 16, 2016

    I met Lippott the night I met Justin (aka Jut) in 2007, and let’s just say Matt was Justin’s plus one, but he quickly won me over as well. Matt was easily the funniest and sweetest person I have known. He was so warm and made me feel instantly at ease. I remember the first time I went snowboarding I was so stressed, because I kept falling and backing everything up, and Matt stayed back with me, and told me to just take my time and he patiently taught me how to snowboard. By the end of the day I was going down the mountain by myself, but it was all because of him.
    I have always admired Matt’s zest for life, and I know moving forward I am going to try to incorporate his spirit into my everyday life.
    I love you & will forever miss you.

  6. George Maroukis September 23, 2016

    Round 1: Remember when I beat you up in state college? That was funny.

  7. George Maroukis September 23, 2016

    Round 2: Remember when I beat you up again in streets of state college. Haha that was funny.

  8. George Maroukis September 23, 2016

    Dude, I owe you a shirt. Haha. Sorry about that. I got you man.

  9. George Maroukis September 23, 2016

    Love you man, will miss you and see you again.

  10. George Maroukis October 9, 2016

    this drinks for you… cheers bud.

    hope everyone out there is doing well

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